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Trading System Development and Back testing


I can program your trading idea for backtesting and automatic trading deployment.

I have experince with TradeStation and SmartQuant

Smart Quant offer a very strong package that enable full control over all espect of system development and deployment

 About SmartQuant (from SmartQuant site)

QuantDeveloper is built on top of two SmartQuant's flagship products : QuantStudio, a financial data analysis and trading framework, and QuantServer, an advanced time series data engine.

  • off-line data analysis and startegy research

  • high level component based strategy development and backtesting

  • ow level ATS development

  • custom/stand alone application development (canned/black box strategies)

About CATS

CATS (Canned Automated Trading Strategies) application allows you to deploy trading strategies developed with QuantDeveloper IDE as stand alone applications. You can deliver such canned trading strategies to your customers or deploy them on a dedicated server co-located with your broker