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I have many years of programming experience as well as understanding and interest in trading.

I specialized in

  • Programming NinjaTrader indicators
  • Port systems and indicators from TradeStation, eSignal, MetaTrader4 and 0ther.
  • Trading systems development and back testing.
  • Auto trade systems

My service is efficient , reliable, cost effective and fast.
Cost of work is estimated and fixed before the work start.


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Aug 25, 2009 Final MARKET BALANCE for NinjaTrader

New Name: Final MARKET BALANCE for NinjaTrader of the excellent Bid/Ask study.

MARKET BALANCE is a unique way to view price, bid, ask and volume together on the same chart while showing the relation between market powers as they change during the trading session.

  Jan 10, 2007 Platform independent strategy development

Allow freedom in choosing software and broker. The strategy can be developed once and then back test or live traded on multiple platform including but not limited to NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MetaTrader4 and SmartQuant.

Solution allow stand alone mode that does not require any commercial platform and has the flexibility to connect through proprietary broker API.

Strategy code can leverage any existing NinjaTrader or SmartQuant indicators

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Nov 25, 2006 TPO and Volume profile Chart for NinjaTrader

Complete TPO and Volume profile chart implementation now available for NinjaTrader version 5 and 6

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