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Indicators package


Download and Install Indicators Package
  • Stop NinjaTrader
  • Download and run Pack1_Setup.exe
  • Start NinjaTrader
  • Open chart
  • Select the indicator from the indicator list
  • You will be asked for license key
Available indicators in this package (Separate license code is required)

But all now, one time payment, $189

Product Code Indicator Name Description

Price (USD)

MACDBB MACDBB compilation of MACD and BB Bands in one indicator 85.00
MinuteSMA MinuteSMA SMA that work on minutes time frame regardless of the chart time frame 85.00
ModHA Modified Heikin-Ashi Modified Heikin-Ashi technique compares current bar open to close range with prior bars...if current is within prior then color remains the same 65.00
StochasticSlowRW Stochastic - Plot on price panel Stochastic - Plot on price panel 65.00
BollingerPA Bollinger Bands (Area Paint)   35.00
KeltnerChannelPA Keltner Channel (Paint Area)   35.00
ColorMA Colored MA Moving average (Exponential or Simple) painted according to direction. 35.00
All   License for all indicators in this package (Limited time offer) 189.00